Massachusetts Division of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) Publishes Memo about Repeal of Employer Fair Share Contribution Program

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The DUA memo reads as follows:

Legislation was enacted repealing the Fair Share Contribution (FSC) program effective 7/1/2013 (Section 188 of Chapter 149 of the General Laws).  It was also legislated that “the department of unemployment assistance shall maintain the Fair Share Unit until all liabilities through June 30, 2013 are accounted for”.

Employers are still required to file for all outstanding periods for which they were sent an FSC Notice to File.

Payment is expected in full for any liability incurred.  ACH Debit will continue to be the standard method of payment.

Enforcement will continue through a variety of methods, including but not limited to assessments, pre-liens, audits, subpoenas, Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission hearings, liens and levies.

2013 Q3 (4/1/13 – 6/30/13), due 8/15/13, will be the last filing period for the program.

The Fair Share Contribution online filing site at will continue to be available and operational.

The Customer Service number, 617-626-6080 Option 3, will remain in place until further notice.

Relevant FSC Correspondence will continue to be mailed. 

FSC will continue to participate in compliance check requests from other agencies.

Any employer in an existing payment plan agreement is expected to pay each and every installment timely and in-full.

For new liability, payment plans of limited duration (up to 18 months) will be considered for employers in good standing who are not yet under an agreement.

Appeals received will continue to be processed.

Hearings on appeals will be scheduled and conducted as normal.

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