The Massachusetts Affordable Care Act (ACA) Website Is Woefully Underperforming: Outside Review Ordered

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While much has been reported in the media about the problematic rollout of the federal government’s ACA website, Healthcare.Gov, Massachusetts officials have now acknowledged that the state’s website is beset by a blizzard of problems as well. The Boston Globe has reported that thousands of Massachusetts residents have been unable to enroll, and the website’s troubles also include poor communication and inconsistent enrollment data.

There are widespread reports of substandard customer service as well when individuals try to call the Massachusetts Health Connector in an effort to find an alternative means of enrolling. The state is exploring litigation against the website’s vendor, CGI, which is the same vendor who designed the federal government’s ACA website. Progress on the Massachusetts website has stalled and the state late last year stopped paying CGI’s $69 million contract because the firm failed to deliver pieces of the website and necessary fixes on time.

The Board for the Massachusetts Healthcare Connector announced yesterday that MITRE, an independent technology firm, will review the state’s failed health insurance website and make recommendations about how to move forward in rebuilding a system that allows people to easily shop for and buy coverage online.

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